Our Service: Durable Medium

Distribution of investor information in a “durable medium”: Reduce your efforts significantly and simultaneously save on costs.

The Bundesanzeiger Verlag offers you a comprehensive service!

Pursuant to the German Investment Code (Kapitalanlagegesetzbuch, “GIC”), all investors must always and without undue delay be informed of material changes in relation to investment funds by way of a “durable medium”.

Material changes include:

  • Fund mergers or liquidations
  • Changes to fund management regulations
  • Suspension of redemption of units
  • Termination of management of an investment fund
  • Conversion to a feeder fund


Services provided by the Bundesanzeiger Verlag:

  • The Bundesanzeiger Verlag provides an assessment, on the basis of a formal plausibility check, of whether the information submitted should be provided in a “durable medium”.
  • Confirmation of the receipt of documents for compliance purposes.
  • Long-term archiving of the “durable media” with the Bundesanzeiger Verlag.
  • Distribution of the “durable media” to custodial institutions in Germany.
  • Please read and take note of our GTCB